About us

"YLA" is the sportswear brand developing and producing sports clothing specially for eSports. Our advantage for customers - more than 25 years experience in sports apparel business. This guarantees excellent quality and confidence

With many years of experience in the development and production of sports apparel, we pay attention to the specificity of each sport. Therefore, before creating eSports jersey, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, shorts, tracksuits and other products, we primarily studied the peculiarities of eSport, talked with the players, what is important for them in eSport outfits. So, all our products are customized specifically for eSports and the fabrics produced by the Wick-On technology, which makes easy to evaporate the moisture from the skin and feel the athlete comfortable. It is in line with the highest requirements of sports and eSportswear as well.